Welcome to Walton Bridge Cruiser Club.  We are a club for motor cruisers based on the River Thames, originally centred on Walton Bridge although most of our members are now based further upstream.


Our programme for 2020 had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 restrictions.  Our programme for 2021 is now available but will be adjusted as necessary to comply with further restrictions.



Our club was founded in 1976 with a small number of boats moored in Walton Marina, close to Walton Bridge.

We now have about twenty boats in the club, the majority being moored on the River Thames between Shepperton and Bray.

During the boating season we usually have something organised every two or three weeks.  We also have cruises downriver to London and the River Medway and small groups have been further afield. 

On the social side, we have a Commissioning Supper at the beginning of the season, a Laying up Supper at the end and various other events including days out to places of interest.  On club cruises we often barbecue on the Saturday evening or eat together at a local pub/restaurant. 

We have a a Google calendar that you can read online or link into your personal Google calendar.


Here is a picture gallery of a selection of our club members' boats.

Like most clubs, our is run by our officers and committee.