The day dawned bright and sunny, brazenly defying the rather gloomy weather forecast given the previous day.  By late morning those boats that had not overnighted at Boveney began to arrive.  Jeverek and

Born Free, closely followed byTahoe, cruised up from Citroen where they had stayed overnight and met with Miss Pud’n who was unable to make the journey.

Everyone arrived in time for the pre lunch briefing (and tutoring) in the luxury and comfort aboard Prime Time.  It has to be said that the briefing took second place to the OOHing and AAHing and other complimentary comments that dominated the reaction to this beautiful craft.


Chimerique winning the Boat Handling Competition

After lunch, and in continued good weather, the competition commenced.  It consisted of rescuing a stricken boat, with the emphasis on correctly securing the stricken boat to the rescue vessel.  Special congratulations go to Roger and Denise Harden on Chimerique, ably assisted by Detlef and Debbie Muller who sailed off with the first prize despite being one of only two boats entered with a single engine.

Mike O’Brien thoughtfully organised a post competition debriefing to enable everyone to share learning experiences from each other, perhaps one of the most useful features of the day and one definitely to be repeated.

Jim Taylor excelled himself in providing a useful couch for Scilla’s dog, a practice which the dog insists will be repeated.  The ‘first prize’ for the quickest steak cooked on the barbecue (as well as for the excellent tutoring) goes to Bob Tapp with an incredible ‘one minute on each side’ instruction from Viv being obeyed to the letter.

A great weekend in good weather and good company, with everyone taking something away which will make their cruising more enjoyable.  Congratulations to everyone involved in organising this event.