The official start to the WBCC cruising season began with cream cakes, scones and yummy sandwiches! ‘What!’ You might exclaim ‘Is this the start of a gourmet club’s
season or a rugged boating season?’
Somehow, the crews of Sparky’s Dream and Rosette managed to do both. The intrepid sailors braved the fast flowing currents and the cold, windy horrible weather to cruise up to Windsor to partake in sumptuous fare as explained by Debbie Muller below:

It was a shame that either the red or the yellow boards were out over Easter. Otherwise I am sure that more club members would have been able to enjoy the delicious afternoon tea, organised by Denise, at Bell and the Dragon in Windsor on Easter Sunday.
Four club members did decide that sampling an afternoon tea in Windsor was too good an opportunity to miss. And so Denise, Roger, Detlef and I were joined by friends of theirs, Lee and Brian. There was a good  election of sandwiches presented on slate platters with a yummy collection of cakes and scones (with clotted cream and jam, of course). An excellent choice of sandwich fillings were available and all our dietary needs and tastes were catered for. All washed down with gallons of tea. Again there were many varieties to choose from. What better way to spend a cold and windy afternoon than in an old beamed café and restaurant enjoying afternoon tea in excellent company?