Twelve of us enjoyed a delicious meal in the happily chaotic Yangtse Chinese restaurant in Windsor (Lisa having to wait a while for her mains), Jim & Julia drove back home and nine of us made our way back to Morgana for a Moonlight cruise, from  Windsor to Boveney Lock and back, with our hosts Lisa and Graham. Snappily dressed in his new shirt, Graham showed us how it was done, stood on the seat with his head out the top and steering with his feet. Not to be outdone, Sandy took the helm for a while and did the same.


What a night for a cruise – completely still and reasonably warm. The moon was a bit coy at first, peeping out then ducking back into the clouds before coming out in its full glory for the trip back. It had been a full Harvest Moon just a couple of days ago and looked lovely. Although the moon gave us some light, there were some very dark parts of the river and Sandy and Graham did well to keep the boat away from the banks. Lisa ensured that we had adequate nibbles and drinks. Debbie managed to  ake a close up photo of the moon’s craters with her new camera, and by the time we got back it had a halo round it. Lisa and Graham kindly pulled in by the model Hurricane plane to drop Debbie and Detlef and us off straight onto the path, before  returning back to their mooring. Thanks so much to them both for a magical end to the evening (and to Debbie and Detlef for giving us a lift in their car!).