I am pleased to report that the AGM was well attended with over 20 members sitting through the formalities before they enjoyed a three course lunch at the Anchor in Shepperton and well done to Sylvie for making the journey even if she did get a little lost on the way.

All the committee members and officers stood down, as was required by the rules, and were promptly re-elected to serve for the coming season.  This could either mean that members were happy with the way that the club was run over the last year or that nobody else was interested in getting involved. Maybe it was a combination of the two.

As was mentioned in last month's newsletter Phil took along a big bag of Club regalia which he planned to offer at knockdown prices to reduce the stock.  With items of clothing going for just a fiver a time it was very successful as a queue soon formed at his stall with over £130 worth of bargains changing hands.  I don’t know what is left but if you are still interested please give Phil a call.  

After lunch the awards were presented with the Concours d’Elegance trophy for the smartest boat going to “Prime Time” which probably reflects the fact that Linda spends 65% of her waking hours scrubbing and polishing the boat. The Personality Trophy was presented to Graham who picked up this trophy for the first time.  I can only assume that this is because Graham has spent around 35 years as Commodore and you can’t award yourself a trophy.

Prime Time Skipper Mike and 1st Mate Linda are presented with the Concours d’Elegance trophy


Graham picks up the Personality Award at the 2019 AGM