Thanks to a passer-by we are all in this picture taken outside the Brooklands Café (where else)


There have been a few events to report on over the last few weeks so I will start right away with the visit to Brooklands that David kindly organised for us. Twelve Club members turned up on cue to look at the various exhibits on display ranging from old racing cars to the mighty Concorde supersonic aircraft.

Nearly all the exhibits are free but there are some that ask for an additional charge, one of these being the “Concorde Experience”, but David was able to obtain a few complimentary tickets for those people that wanted to go on it.

With lots of old cars and aircraft to look at the ladies were in their element, but the menfolk successfully tried to look interested so as not to spoil things. Most of us made a full day of it having visited the onsite café for lunch.

Above: Alan takes the Mercedes powered McLaren out for a spin on the simulator.

Below: David proves that you don’t necessarily have to stay on the track.