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The Club Christmas Party saw us at a different venue this year, the Shepperton Holiday Inn which used to be known as the Moat House. There were actually two Christmas parties being held at this venue on this same night, one of them was for 160 people in a large room and the one we attended was for a more reasonable 80 people in the Hampton room. With two full tables the Club had 25% of the partygoers there.

It was interesting to read the small green notes placed on each table telling us how the hotel was doing its bit for the planet by limiting the amount of waste materials normally produced at these events. Ah! That would explain the one Christmas cracker per two people and the small box of rationed festive party items. Don’t mention cutbacks.

Nevertheless as most of us were on a mission to have a good time it turned out all right.  The food was acceptable and the disco was quiet enough during the meal to allow conversation, however once the dancing started the DJ twisted the volume knob with gusto. Most of our lot could be seen at some stage performing on the dancefloor before we trickled outside to a quieter lounge to finish off the conversations.

Most of us had taken advantage of the excellent offer of B & B at the hotel to meet up over the breakfast buffet the following morning.